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About EuroABS

Based in Canary Wharf, London, we are dedicated to providing first-class services to our clients in the global ABS market. Our expertise and commitment to excellence have helped us become one of the most reliable and trusted service providers in this complex and evolving financial landscape. We are a team of seasoned professionals bringing together years of experience in the financial sector and enabling us to provide bespoke solutions for a wide range of clients, including investment banks, asset managers and issuers.

Our core services include providing regulatory reporting solutions for asset-backed securities around the globe with clients in the UK, Europe, US and Asia. We are committed to delivering the highest quality services that enable our clients to make informed investment decisions, navigate regulatory compliance, and manage risk efficiently.

With a strong commitment to client satisfaction, integrity, and innovation, EuroABS Limited has earned its place as a trusted partner in the global ABS market. As we continue to expand our services, our goal remains clear: to provide unparalleled expertise and support to our clients, helping them navigate the complexities of the asset-backed securities market with confidence.

In addition, EuroABS Limited acknowledges that the ESG landscape continues to evolve across the globe. ESG data is becoming increasingly important as investors continue to incorporate environmental factors into investment decisions.  EuroABS Limited’s ESG data service is aiming to ensure our clients can effectively navigate the ESG data landscape, so that relevant institutions are equipped with meaningful environmental data regarding underlying properties and portfolios. If you would like to discuss how EuroABS could potentially assist your ESG data needs, please email

EuroABS Limited is a fully independent company 100% owned by its management team of ex-market professionals. The EuroABS business was founded in 1999. The EuroABS website was launched in July 2000.

Chief Executive Officer

Darren Nesbitt

Chief Operating Officer

Geoff Grevers

Chief Technology Officer

Greg Harker

Head of Modelling and ESG

Ryan Pattle

Head of Data Management

Jane Ritchie

Head of Operations

Marc Phillips

About SecRep

SecRep Limited was incorporated in 2019 specifically to provide Securitisation Repository services to the UK securitisation market. Shortly afterwards SecRep B.V. was also launched to provide equivalent services within the European Union.

Both companies were set up and run by a group including some of the ex-market professionals and IT technicians behind EuroABS. EuroABS has been providing the securitisation markets in the EU and UK with technical consultancy and a comprehensive data and information platform since July 2000, including preparation and hosting of data for regulatory purposes.

In the case of hosting for the Securitisation Regulation, the breadth of services provided by EuroABS was considered incompatible with it becoming a regulated Securitisation Repository and it was in any case necessary to hedge Brexit risk by setting up an EU entity. The decision was therefore taken to place both Securitisation Repositories in a completely separate corporate structure.

As a result of these decisions, the two Securitisation Repositories, SecRep Limited and SecRep B.V. are subsidiaries of SecRep Holdings Limited. SecRep Holdings Limited and EuroABS Limited have common ownership.

SecRep Limited, SecRep B.V. and EuroABS Limited each have their own independent corporate governance and IT systems.

EuroABS Limited is an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 accredited company